Internet Abuse

Internet Abuse is defined as follows:

Spam (UseNet): UseNet Spam is any message, commercial, non-profit, or opinion that is individually posted to several newsgroups at one time, especially when the content is commercial and/or obviously considered off topic by the participants of the group.

Unsolicited Email & Advertising:
 We have zero tolerance towards Unsolicited Advertising, which we define as follows: 1). Content contains false and/or misleading statements; 2). Sender’s identity is not true and valid; 3). Recipients cannot quickly and easily remove themselves from future mailings; and/or 4). Volume of mail is sufficient to negatively impact our reputation or that of any associated third party ISP.
We maintain mailing lists of people who register on our site. When we send you e-mail we will always do the mailing ourselves. We do not sell or rent our names.

Bingo Vega never engages in any Internet Abuse practices itself.
If you’ve received unsolicited email and believe it to have originated from a Bingo Vega affiliate please inform us immediately with a copy of the message. We will investigate the complaint on a case-by-case basis. Any Affiliate or marketer found to be in violation of our Anti-Internet Abuse Policy will be immediately penalized by having his account suspended pending a formal apology and declaration that said abusive practices will cease and never be repeated.

Every complaint is taken seriously and is fully investigated.