Bingo Tournaments


With bingo tournaments hosted every day of the week, Bingo Vega players have more chances than ever to compete with friends for some of the biggest bingo jackpots on the web. There is no entry fee or complicated record keeping here—all tournaments require no entry free, and winnings are all tracked in real time with our automated Bingo Tournament Standings Board.

All you need to play is an account, and the bingo tournament information. Bingo tournaments are announced daily with their designated bingo room, time, and the value of the bingo jackpot up for grabs.

Bingo Tournament Rules

1. To be eligible for bingo tournaments, players must have made at least 1 deposit in the past 30 days.

2. Players must be in the correct room during the specified times. Players not playing in the correct room during the correct time will not be candidates for winning.

3. Winners will be chosen based off the number of winning games made during the bingo tournament.

4. Ties will be settled by wagers. In the event of a tie, the individual with the most cumulative wagers wins.

At Bingo Vega, we have made bingo tournaments easier than ever. Zero entry fees, automated record tracking, and hundreds and thousands of dollars in prizes—what are you waiting for?

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