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Chat room frequently asked questions

Who do I contact if I have questions about my Bingo Bucks?

If you have any questions about your chat bonus credits, please direct your inquiries to

When are they paid?

Credits for Bingo Bucks won in Chat will be credited to player accounts by within 24hrs. Therefore if CM Jon hosted chat games from 5am to 9am, the Bingo Bucks you earned when he was hosting will be posted to your account within the next 24 hrs after the shift has ended (timing depends on work load)

How will I know if I received my Bingo Bucks?

This can be viewed in your "Reconcile" under the Reports tab in the Members Area.

Do I have to play the Bingo Game in order to participate in the Chat Game?

Bingo Bucks (BBs) are only awarded to players who are actually playing in the bingo game that corresponds to the Chat Game.

How many Bingo Bucks can I win?

Bingo Bucks (BBs) are only awarded to players who are actually playing in the bingo game at the time of the chat game. As long as you meet this requirement, you will be awarded up to 100% of your last deposit in the last 5 days in chat BBs (e.g. if you deposited $200 in the last 5 days, you have the opportunity to receive $200 BBs without depositing again). This feature is automated; therefore your Chat Host has no subjectivity in overriding the rules

How can I change my Alias?

Alias change requests are processed by support after midnight ET (Eastern Time), and each player is limited to one change every 30 days. We may change your alias if we deem it could be offensive to some players, or if it too closely resembles another players’ alias. When requesting an alias change, please submit two choices in order of preference and we will change it accordingly.

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