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Meet our chat moderators (CMs)

BingoVega’s award winning CM Team is the best of the best! Besides our players, the Chat Moderators are truly the heart and soul of BingoVega. Besides working hard behind the scenes to make sure all chat games are run without a problem, they are some of the friendliest and welcoming people on the web! Take a few moments to get to know our stellar team of Chat Moderators below.

“Hi ya all! I Love it here at Vega, and the roomies and staff are the bestest on the net! Ya all certainly keep me on my toes, and make my job tons of fun! I reside in Crossville, TN with my hubby of 25 years, a dog named Brodie, and of course Cracker the potty mouth parrot. My house is kinda like my chat room—ya never know what’s gonna happen next!”

CM Kristy:

“Hiya everybody! Y’all have made me feel so welcome that Vega has quickly become my second home. I love getting to know everybody and cheering everybody on while you chase the big money.

I live in Grenada, MS with my husband and daughter and our 4 cats. When I’m not spending time with my family, I love spending time at my home away from home and spending time with the roomies."

"Hi roomies! I live in Virginia with my 12 year old son, cat and Chihuahua. Excitement for me is being in chat when a roomie hits a big jackpot! Gotta say there is nothing better than being able to congratulate one of Vega’s roomies.
I love being a part of the best bingo site on the web. There is no other bingo team I would want to be a part of. Vega has quickly become home and I look forward to seeing all my extended family (roomies) in chat! I try to keep my room half way clean, (every now and then I forget to dust), the spiders out of the corners and pillows in case Shoupe happens to be mean and boots ya for when you make it back into chat! Every now and then you may even walk in on a marshmallow fight!"

CM Neptune:

“Hello Roomies! I am a proud Ohio Buckeye. Like most people, I love to have fun so I try my best to help my players have the best time possible by keeping the chat enjoyable for everyone. I have learned that not every single day can be perfect but I am here to cheer you on no matter what.

Our CM team consists of real down to earth people that care about who you are and listen when you talk. I have laughed and even cried along with some of you. That is what makes being a CM so great! I get to be a part of your life and you are part of mine as well. I wish you all the best and I thank you."


CM Shawn:

“Hi Roomies! I was born and raised in Ohio and that is where I still currently reside. My favorite pastimes are watching movies, spending time with friends and my dog Libby. I love getting to know all the roomies, what their favorite hobbies are, what foods they enjoy etc.!

I think it’s great how you can chat to players from all over the world and seeing them win those jackpots is an added plus! I love hosting at BingoVega and we by far have the best players on the net!”

There is no other job out there that allows you to earn money from the comfort of home, be part of exciting bingo games, and meet hundreds of new people every single day. If this sounds like the job for you, and you are a friendly and knowledgeable bingo player—contact us about being a chat moderator today!

BingoVega is always open to welcoming new members to our Chat Moderators team, so go ahead and shoot us an email for more information.

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