Who doesn’t love a fun Easter Egg hunt? I think we are all ready for Spring. So, BVega is going to give away some great Spring prizes!

Play in Milky Way daily from 10:00AM until Midnight and watch for the Easter Basket pattern and Easter eggs. Step 1 is to win a Basket pattern bingo and then step 2 is collection of Easter Eggs!!!

After you have won your Basket, anytime you bingo on an Easter Egg game, you will be awarded eggs based on the last digit of your winning bingo number. Example: B15 = 5 eggs!!!! The top players who fill their basket with the most eggs win prizes!

Haven’t won your Basket yet? No worries! Play in chat and watch for your host to ask A random Easter trivia question for a basket 6 times a day!


  • 1st - A beautiful large glass hummingbird feeder and nectar and 50 BB’s
  • 2nd - A nice assortment of flower seeds for your flower garden and 30 BB’s
  • 3rd - A variety of Daisy seeds for your garden and 20 BBs
  • 4th & 5th - $10 Amazon Gift Cards
  • 6th thru 10th – 10 BBs

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*Must be in chat for eggs and basket before next game begins
**Must have made a deposit in last 30 days to be considered active for promotions. Players with ACTIVE duplicate accounts may be automatically disqualified and will not be allowed to win any amounts of our promotions.