Our Promo Promise

At Bingo Vega we are committed to providing our members an exciting entertainment experience day in and day out. Therefore, we are proud to offer countless promotions such as weekly special events, online bingo prizes, free extra bonus days, and surprise one time specials.

All promotions and specials are designed to guarantee that our players have fun, win bingo prizes, and take home some of the biggest jackpots in the history of online bingo. Bingo Vega’s promotions include new additions as well as old fan-favorites to create the most diverse selection of online bingo prizes.

Bingo Vega’s Bingo Prize Philosophy

1. Announce upcoming promotions 72 hours before they go live.

2. Provide the bingo community with opportunities to vote for different promotions, online bingo prizes and specials.

3. Allow for customer feedback on recent promotions through email, blog discussions, or our Facebook page.

4. Invitations to feedback surveys where members can provide suggestions on how to further tailor Bingo Vega to the needs of the community.

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