2nd Chance Bingo

2nd Chance Bingo

Lady Luck is on your side!

The essence of luck is opportunity, so it follows that the more opportunities you get and the more you capitalize on them, the “luckier” you are.

Here at BingoVega.com, we want everybody to be a winner! That’s why we give you a 2nd Chance to win every Monday from 4pm-7pm EST in our exclusive 2nd Chance Room.

This amazing perk features an exclusive room with three hours of free games combined with pay Fair and Square bingo games for maximum fairness. You can win up to $100 in our coverall game!

Listen to your Lucky Hunches, Lady Luck is on your side!

How Do I Qualify for 2nd Chance Bingo?

Every Monday we invite up to 200 BingoVegans who had the lowest winning % from the week before playing bingo (Sunday to Saturday).

Players need an approved deposit within the last 7 days and to have bought cards on at least 3 bingo games to participate (free games are excluded).

When are the free 2nd Chance Bingo games?

  • Date: Mondays
  • Time: 4pm-7pm EST
  • Room: The Lucky Strike

How will I know if I’ve qualified?

You’ll get your email invitation before the start of the game, so check your inbox!

Be sure you are signed-up to receive emails from BingoVega and you’ve added the email address “myvega@news.bingovega.com” to your trusted sender list.

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