Rules & Etiquette

Rules & Chatiquette

  • We are happy to allow everyone to play our Chat Games. However, only one account from each IP/household may participate in a single chat game at any given time.
  • Players may have only one active account per person. If the player information on your account is not valid, any winnings in duplicate accounts shall be void.
  • People who abuse any ongoing free-money promotions will have all of their accounts closed.

We expect players to treat one another and the Hosts with respect. Abusive or offensive language is not allowed. Statements that defame, abuse, or threaten others will not be tolerated. Any occurrences of this or any abuse of the following will result in the loss of your chat privileges and possibly the closure of your account. Our Chat Rooms are not to be used for any promotion of, or, any recruitment to, another web site. Exchanging personal account information such as: e-mail, password or real names are not allowed in the rooms.

Bingo Vega reserves the right to make any changes to the chat room games, bonuses, and policies without issuing any prior notice.

Chat Room Bonuses

While you’re playing bingo, join our CM’s in the Quarter chat room. Chat with players from around the world and play some fun chat games. (Chat games played when five or more players participate.)

Only active bingo players without a pending withdrawal will be eligible to receive chat room prizes. Winners accounts will typically be credited by Noon the following day. Accumulated chat prizes can not exceed 100% of the previous deposit. Once this limit is reached, another deposit is required to be eligible to win chat games. Chat promotions are valid for active players who acknowledge the CM when he or she wins, failure to do so voids the BONUS. Players must be in chat before the game begins in order to qualify. The CM on duty has the final authority on who qualifies and who doesn’t.

Active Player Definition

Active Players have deposited within the last 5 days (not sustaining play on free money) and use the associated funds to purchase bingo cards or wager in slots or video poker. Players who win chat room games or bonus promotions and have not deposited or were not playing at least 1 bingo card in the $1 room, 4 bingo cards in 25¢ room or 10 bingo cards in the 10¢ room, during the associated bingo game when the prize was won will not receive the associated bonus. Players who receive chat room bonus erroneously will not be eligible to receive payouts based on the associated winnings.

Chat FAQ’s

Who do I contact if I have questions about my Bingo Bucks?

If you have any questions about your chat bonus credits, please direct your inquiries to

When are they paid?

Credits for Bingo Bucks won in Chat will be credited to player accounts by within 24hrs. Therefore if CM Jon hosts chat games from 5am to 9am, the Bingo Bucks you earned when he was hosting will be posted to your account 24 hrs after the shift has ended (timing depends on work load)
How will I know if I received my Bingo Bucks?

This can be viewed in your "Reconcile" under the Reports tab in the Members Area.

Do I have to play the Bingo Game in order to participate in the Chat Game?

Bingo Bucks (BBs) are only awarded to players who are actually playing in the bingo game that corresponds to the Chat Game.

How many Bingo Bucks can I win?

Bingo Bucks (BBs) are only awarded to players who are actually playing in the bingo game at the time of the chat game. As long as you meet this requirement, you will be awarded up to 100% of your total deposits in the last 5 days in chat BBs (e.g. if you deposited $200 total in the last 5 days, you have the opportunity to receive $200 BBs without depositing again. This feature is automated; therefore your Chat Host has no subjectivity in overriding the rules

How can I change my Alias?

Alias change requests are processed by support after midnight (eastern time), and each player is limited to one change every 30 days. We may change your alias if we deem it could be offensive to some players, or if it too closely resembles another players’ alias. When requesting an alias change, please submit two choices

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