Thanksgiving is a time for sharing so this month, our bingo promotion will focus on sharing with our bingo buddies.

Bingo on the Turkey Promo pattern and the last ball called determines who wins some BB and how many but that’s not all!!! The bingo winner also earns a Gobble!!! Collect your gobbles because on Thanksgiving, 3 winners will be drawn to each receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card to kick off your Black Friday shopping!!!

  • Bingo on B | Above nabor wins 5BB
  • Bingo on I | Below nabor wins 5BB
  • Bingo on N | Both nabors win 5BB each
  • Bingo on G | Above nabor wins 5BB
  • Bingo on O | Below nabor wins 5BB

*BBs are exempt. Must be an active depositor and must be in chat prior to the next game starting.

You must be a depositing player and have deposited in the past 5 days to be eligible each week. Players with ACTIVE duplicate accounts may be automatically disqualified and will not be allowed to win any amounts of our promotions.